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(Last update: today, 2022/12/08)

7AM has a network of the world's best fitness equipment factories. This high end network lowers fabrication prices by pooling production batches. The 7AM global network of leading fitness equipment factories offers both, the highest quality as well as the cheapest production price for fitness equipment productions. Our factories manufacture for the world's largest fitness companies as well as many young and innovative brands.

Whether you are a young local brand or an experienced fitness company, contact us and we will most likely offer you a better quality and better prices.
Treadmill Manufacturer

Treadmill Manufacturing

Treadmill productions from wifi connected to none electric. 100% customizable, from the stride to the incline, from light weight to sturdy constructions, and from high top speeds to shock absorbing decks.
Bike Trainer Manufacturer

Bike Trainer Manufacturing

Bike Trainer productions from low priced to providing the real outdoor cycling feeling. Bike trainers include bike roller frames, wind bike trainers, magnetic bike trainers, fluid bike trainers and more.
Cross Trainer Manufacturer

Cross Trainer Manufacturing

Productions of cross trainers and eliptical machines are fully customizable. Common components by G.F.F. customers are digital displays, heart rate monitors, and a variety of exercise programs.
Stepping Machines Manufacturer

Stepping Machines MFG

Stepping machine productions include mini stair climbing machines, vertical climbing machines, twister step machines, freestyle step machines, air walkers and more.
Rowing Machines Manufacturer

Rowing Machines MFG

Rowing machine productions aim on mimicing the experience of rowing on water. Key points are the comfort, adjustability, noise, storage options, ease of assembly, and digital technology.
Vibration Platform Manufacturer

Vibration Platform MFG

Vibration exercise machine productions include vibration plates and vibration platforms. Vibrations platforms are made of a vibrating motion plate and if requested a handle bar or elastic straps.
Dumbbell Manufacturer

Dumbbell Manufacturing

Dumbbells production include metal dumbbells in rubber, neoprene dumbbells, chrome dumbbells, vinyl dumbbells, dumbbell sets and more. Major variations are chosen within the weight, shape and color.
Home Gym Manufacturer

Home Gym Manufacturing

Home gyms are made of heavy duty steel tube frames. Key variations come within the selection of weight stacks and exercise stations: Bench Press, Lat Pulldown, Leg Extension, Back Leg Curls, Upright Rows, Sit-ups
Door Training Station Manufacturer

Door Training Station MFG

Door training stations are made of metal frames with foam or rubber coatings. Door training stations are a popular option for functional training at home. The end of the frames are covered by pvc/ rubber safety plugs.
Functional Training Equipment Manufacturers

Sling Trainer MFG

Crossfit sling trainer bands are commonly made of PP or Nylon. The fabric can be dyed in any color. Small quantities are possible in yellow, red or black. Logo embroidery and screen printing are most popular.
Ab wheel Manufacturer

Ab wheel manufacturing

Abdominal exercise double wheel rollers are made of ABS, PP, and EVA. The wheel diameter varies based on the intended usage from around 15cm to 20cm. The logo is commonly added by screen printing.
Yoga Mats Manufacturer

Yoga Mats Manufacturing

Yoga exercise mats are commonly made of rubber, PVC, NBR, EVA or TPE. Key features are an anti-slip surface, highly-elasticity and a none-odor-absorbing material for successful work-outs.
Yoga Blocks Manufacturer

Yoga Blocks Manufacturing

Yoga blocks are made of EVA with a of 110g/cm3 to 170g/cm3. Further common materials are cork and bamboo. Regular square sizes are 3x6x9 and 4x6x9cm. Custom shapes are possible too.
Yoga Resistance Bands Manufacturer

Yoga Resistance Bands MFG

Yoga resistance bands / chest expanders are made of vulcanized and stretched latex with a common length of 120 to 200 cm. Most popular widths are 10, 12, 13, and 15cm.
Yoga Blocks Manufacturer

Yoga Straps Manufacturing

Yoga straps are generally made of cotton. Today's top yoga brands prefer organic cotton. Popular sizes are 180 x 3.8cm and 210 x3.8cm. Logos are added by embroidery or screen printing.
Yoga Balls Manufacturer

Yoga Balls Manufacturing

Yoga balls are made of strong anti-slip PVC material. Some factories offer yoga balls with matching custom ball pumps. Popular yoga ball sizes are 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm, and 95cm.
Yoga Rings Manufacturer

Yoga Rings Manufacturing

Yoga rings, toning rings or pilates rings are made of PP, foam, and glass fiber. Popular sizes range from a diamter of 30cm up to a diameter of 38cm depending on the intended usage.
Pilates Body Wheels Manufacturer

Pilates Body Wheels MFG

Pilates back stretching body wheels are commonly made of TPE foam, ABS tubing and an EVA anti-slip surface. High end body wheels have smooth edges and a comfortable touch.
Yoga Towel Manufacturer

Yoga Towel Manufacturing

Two-sided dual-grip yoga towels are commonly made of a super absorbent, moisture wicking microfiber top consisting of polyester and polyamide and a silicone coated bottom.
Yoga Pillow Manufacturer

Yoga Pillow Manufacturing

Yoga towels come in different shapes with full length zippers. The cover material is made of cotton, linen or short floss. The filling is made of cotton, buckwheat or polyester.
Aerobic Step Manufacturer

Aerobic Step Manufacturing

Aerobic steps are made of light weight, durable, high density plastic with an anti slip surface. The average weight for a assembled stepper is 3 to 4kg. Common sizes are length 69cm x width 36cm x height 10cm.
Jump Rope Manufacturer

Jump Rope Manufacturing

Jump ropes are made of wood, plastic, or pp handles with a rubber or foam cover for better grip and a connecting wire cable or rope made of pvc, cotton, leather or nylon.
Running Shirt Manufacturer

Running Shirt Manufacturing

Running shirts are generally made of cooling or warming breathable, lightweight, sweat-wicking polyester and nylon. Key features are ergonomic seams, stretching fabric, and reflective details.
Yoga Pants Manufacturer

Yoga Pants Manufacturing

Yoga pants are made of soft, sweat-wicking, warm and dry material made of polyester and spandex. A flat elastic waistband, a stretchable fabric, ergonomic seams, and a snug fit enhance mobility.
fitness underwear manufacturer

Fitness Underwear MFG

Fitness underwear is commonly produced with lightweight, stretchy, moisture wicking and quick-drying sports mesh fabric made of polyester and spandex with seamless edges and smooth waistbands.
Fitness Bra Manufacturer

Fitness Bra Manufacturing

Fitness bras are made of sweat-wicking polyester, spandex or nylon and have polyurethane with padded and removable bra pads. Key features are flat seams and a soft elastic chest band.
Sport Socks Manufacturer

Sport Socks Manufacturing

Fitness or lightweight running socks are made of sweat-wicking nylon, polyester or spandex and commonly come with anti-slip traction yarn, arch compression, targeted cushioning and a outsole on the heel.
Fitness Gloves Manufacturer

Fitness Gloves Manufacturing

Gym training gloves are made of polyester, PU leather, nylon and polyethylene. Training gloves offer wrist support and palm padding for a more stable weight lifting work out.
fitness jacket manufacturer

Fitness Jacket Manufacturing

Protective training jackets are made of moisture wicking, breathable, stretchable, wind and waterproof polyester, elasthan or nylon. Key fatures are a quick drying shape recovering material of 70 to 205 GSM.
Boxing Equipment Manufacturer

Boxing Equipment MFG

Half mitt boxing gloves are made by leather and cotton, have a velcro closure wrist support and shock absorbing padding made of foam and gel pads. A common size is 22cm x 12cm.
Trampoline Manufacturer

Trampoline Manufacturing

Mini fitness trampolines are made of a metal frame, strong metal springs, and a PP mat. The springs are covered by a padded PVC fabric. Common sizes are 32", 36", 38", 40", 45", 48", 50", 54", and 60".
Interlocking Floormats Manufacturer

EVA Floormat MFG

EVA interlocking floormats are commonly produced by a shock absorbing, insulating foam fabric made of EPDM, SBR or rubber with a density of 60-120kg/m3. Sizes are 1m x 1m with a thickness of 1 to 5cm.
Gym Bag Manufacturer

Gym Bag Manufacturing

Gym duffel bags are commonly made of water repellent woven polyester, canvas, and nylon with a capacity of 30-50L. Key features are well planned pockets with good accessibility.
Packaging Material Manufacturer

Packaging Material MFG

Professional packaging is part of most fitness equipment productions. It serves as physical protection, a higher convenience during the transportation, as display of information and marketing messages.

the full service fitness equipment manufacturers network

G.F.F. is the outsourced customer relations department of a vast global network comprising the world’s best fitness equipment and clothing factories. Our network's factories arrange a major part of the world's fitness equipment productions. Combining all of our partners, the fitness manufacturers network produces for high end brands such as Reebok, Fila, Nike, and Adidas as well as for chainstores who focus on giving their customers good products for low prices, such as Walmart, Aldi, and Target.

The growth within the fitness market creates more and more succesfull young brands and start-ups within the fitness segment. Allowing young brands to produce within the world's leading factories supports innovation and lowers the market entry barrier.

What does the G.F.F. fitness equipment network offer you?

• English speaking sales managers.
• Support through-out the whole process of your production.
• An international production specialist will help you prevent intercultural misunderstandings.
• The G.F.F. network consists of some of the world's best factories enabling the best price for every quality level.